Deadly Companions collaborates with artists to unite artwork and fashion producing original motifs, patterns and designs for their street-inspired brand. Wearing art is a unique way of promoting the artists to a whole new audience and teaming it with an attention to detail, quality fabrics and unique designs differentiates DC from the rest.

Past collaborators have included street artist Phil James and Archibald and Wynn Finalist Julian Meagher.

Responsible Choices in Fashion & Life

Deadly Companions is committed to making ethical choices and to ensure our products are responsibly produced we:

  • Do not cut on labour costs. The cost of our products covers International Labour Organisation conventions.
  • Only works with factories that have achieved a Grade A standard in China (they are inspected and audited to ensure they comply with the code of conduct). This is an ongoing process and we are always striving to achieve higher standards and more transparency with our brand.
  • Do not use animal hides or fur to ensure our products are cruelty free.